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It’s about passion in people.

Founded in 2015 by Ffion Haf Hughes, The Little Wren has solidified its place as North Wales’ leading clinic in Permanent Makeup and Paramedical Tattooing, offering Advanced Reconstructive Cosmetics as well as bespoke Consultations and Skin Treatments.

“Here at The Little Wren we have a true passion in helping people with everything from the perfect Brow to Reconstructive Treatments”

In addition, The Little Wren also teaches Permanent Cosmetics and Aesthetics for Specialised Reconstructive Treatments at The Little Wren Academy.

From the moment you enter The Little Wren, we want you to feel welcome. That is why we have made a little introduction of who we are!

Ffion Hughes


“Seeing their confidence grow and flourish was beautiful. I knew I wanted to help on a much higher and personal level.”

Her journey began in 2008 when she applied for her master’s degree in art psychotherapy, during which, she had been assigned to work as a mental health advocate for vulnerable and end of life patients. Having seen the effects that intense treatments were having on the patients’ confidence, she began offering her clients free makeup services. After seeing how much these sessions helped her patients, Ffion quickly realised that a career in the Permanent Makeup Industry was the right way forward! While running a successful tattoo company at the time, in 2014 she applied for a Permanent Makeup course in Liverpool.

Ffion quickly established a good reputation within the industry, gaining upwards of 400 clients within her first year alone! Following this success, she began offering more advanced reconstructive cosmetics and continued developing her knowledge, becoming one of the industries most well respected skin specialists. This dedication and passion for the industry has given her the opportunity to help clients worldwide, earning herself numerous rewards in the process.